Counselor Q & A

Counseling Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who is my counselor?

A: 8TH GRADE- Ms. Butler

     7th GRADE- Mr. Reyna

Q: How can do I request a meeting with my counselor? 

A: Requests for meetings can be made either by email or by filling out our counselor-meeting link on our homepage or by emailing Ms. Butler at [email protected] or Mr. Reyna at [email protected]

 Q: How do I request a schedule change?

 A: Schedule changes will be made on a limited basis considering extreme circumstances after a conference with the counselor and/or assistant principal.Schedule changes are reviewed on a case by case basis. If you would like to request a schedule change please click here.

Q:  What if I need assistance for my student? (School supplies, clothing, and academic)

A: Please click on the link here to provide the counselors with information regarding the type of assistance you might need.

Q: How can I get a copy of my report card? 

A: Report card reprints are done through the Registrar’s Office.

Q: How can I earn high school credit in Intermediate School?

A: The student may select classes from a district approved list during registration for their 8th grade year.

Q: How do I get in an athletic period like football, volleyball, etc.?

A: The best way to get into an athletic period is by talking to that team’s coach and/or attending tryouts once they are announced.

Q: How many days have I missed or how can I check my grades? 

A: See the Attendance Office for information regarding absences or check your Skyward Student Access