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When there are behavioral concerns it is advised to assess if student is established with a primary care physician and not emergency room/urgent care. Preventing health problems that make it hard for children to learn and grow.

When student is uninsured due to higher income consider Legacy, Innovative Alternatives, El Centro de Corazon, School clinic

When student is uninsured due to low income consider all agencies below except the Developmental service agencies

When student is undocumented consider PHC, PAHC, Harris Center, WAVE/Kruse, Innovative Altern., Legacy, Centro de Corazon.

When student has private insurance consider calling their health plan requesting an advocate representative

When student has Medicaid consider any of the options below. Medicaid recipients with severe behaviors consider YES Waiver

When student has severe learning and behavioral concerns consider Crisis and Developmental Behavioral Health listed below


Admore Counseling 3003 S Loop Ste 320 Houston TX 77054 (855) 923-6673

Provides counseling by licensed therapist to children and their parents in a home or convenient location. (M)

Clearhope Counseling 5151 E Sam Houston Pkwy S. Pasadena TX 77505 (281) 760-8454

Serves individuals, couples, families, teens, and children specializing in Trauma Informed Care. Clearhope works with a range of emotional and behavioral issues by being able to provide services from therapy for a variety of needs.

Clearhope uses EMDR therapy for addressing effects of trauma as well. (M, P, U)

Continuum Integrated 3003 South Loop West Ste. 475 Houston TX 77054 (713) 383-0888

Two-tier nationally recognized behavioral health services with licensed therapists, psychiatrists, medical assistants and psychiatric technicians. (M, P)

Coronado Counseling Center-Clear Lake 1115 Gemini Suite 200, Houston TX 77058 (281) 461-6220

Counseling services for all ages. Specialty in relationship issues, autism and behavioral issues. Provides individual, couple, and family therapy. (M, P, U))

Denver Harbor Clinic 424 Hahlo St., Houston, TX 77020 (713) 674-3326

Clinical therapy, individual, group, and family group. Children through adult services. Traditional forms of counseling and special training in Parent/Child Interaction Therapy. (M, P, U)

Depelchin 4950 Memorial Dr. Houston TX 77007 (713) 730-2335

Offers Community-Based Counseling services for free. Depelchin offers individual therapy, family therapy, parenting support, and referral assistance for children ages 0-17 and their families living in the Harris County area. These services are offered with no fee. There is Office-Based Therapy in your community.

DePelchin also offers ParentingHELP which is a program with general and special needs curriculum in home provided by a therapist. (NO FEE)

El Centro de Corazon 7037 Capitol St. Houston, TX 77011 (Women) (713) 660-1880

7635 Canal St. Houston 77012(Pediatrics) 412Telephone Rd Houston 77023 (General medicine) several locations.

Psychiatric services for ages 4-17. Primary health, behavioral health and dental services provided. (M, P, U)

Innovative Alternatives 18333 Egret Bay #540, Houston, TX 77058 (832) 864-6000

10 free sessions for victims of crime/violence or domestic violence. Children and adult counseling services. Sliding scale, Medicaid and private insurance accepted. (M, P, U)

Legacy Clinic 5616 Lawndale St Ste. A108 Houston, TX 77023 (832) 548-5100

Multiple locations. Psychiatric, Primary Care and Behavioral Health Services. Low Cost/Fees based on income. Pharmacy provides very low cost psychotropic medication. New location: 3430 Center St. Deer Park TX (Psychiatry/Therapy, primary care) (M, PI, U)

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD (formerly MHMRA) 9401 SW Freeway Houston, TX 77074 (713) 970-3800

Psychiatry usually assigned to Tegeler site or Long Dr. Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Services. Walk-ins from 7am-doors open. First come, first serve. Arrive early. Services will be determined. Documents required are last four pays stubs/SS cards (required unless non-citizen) of all members of family, Birth certificates and I.D. for adults in household. Behavior Response Team can also refer to therapists in our area if transportation is an issue. Intake is at Summit and therapists are located at Summit, SRHS, & BHI. (M, U) Parris Foundation 4410 Navigation Blvd Houston, TX 77011 (713) 315-6446

Assist with applications for Victim Crime Compensation for financial assistance for several needs including counseling. Provides counseling services on site as option. (M, U)

Pasadena Health Center 908 Southmore Ave., Pasadena, TX 77502 (713) 554-1091

Behavioral Health Services. Fees based on income. Appropriate school referral may assist family with economic hardship receive free-low cost fees. LMFT, LCDC, LPC Behavioral Health services. (Will see 18 year olds) (M, P, U)

The PsyClinic 330 E. Medical Center Blvd Webster, TX 77598 (281) 837-6463

Adult and Child Psychiatry. Various counseling services including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for severe depression. (M, P)

Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center 3925 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas 77504 (713) 873-6301

Pediatric, psychiatric and behavioral health services by Harris Health Systems. . Fees income-based. For higher income levels-payments are NOT reduced and are comparable to private pay. Lower income does receive reduced and or free visit. Option to apply for “Gold Card” Financial asst. program for comprehensive care and low cost medication. May be long wait. (M, P, U)The Wave Clinic 1500 Main St, South Houston, TX 77587 (713) 946-7461

Primary and Behavioral Health services. Serving students of Jessup Elementary L.F. Smith Elementary, Matthys Elementary, South Houston Elementary, Schneider Middle, Nelda Sullivan Middle, Queens Intermediate, and South Houston Intermediate.

The Wave Clinic offers primary care, medical needs, vaccinations, services for mental health issues, and dental deficiency.(M, P, U)

The Kruse Clinic 400 Park Ln Pasadena TX 77506 (832) 658-5230

Primary and Behavioral Health services. Serving students of Kruse Elementary .Gardens Elementary, Richey Elementary, DeZavala Middle, Jackson Intermediate, and Pasadena High School. (M, P, U)

YES WAIVER Eligibility must call (713) 970-7212

Medicaid waiver for children that have received at least one year of treatment for mental health or history of hospitalizations. Provides wrap around services, alternative therapies, recreation and comprehensive services in addition to traditional Medicaid coverage on yearly basis. Must be Medicaid eligible. They can assist families with application for Medicaid to qualify. (M)



For hospital referrals please suggest to parents to take cash, blankets, cell phone charger, and pack change of clothes

Harris County Psychiatric Center 2800 S. MacGregor Way, Houston, TX 77021 (713) 741-5000

Inpatient and outpatient hospitalization for acute psychiatric care for adolescents and adults. (M, P, U)

Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital 2801 N. Gessner Rd Houston, TX 77080 (832) 834-7710

Inpatient and outpatient hospitalization for acute psychiatric care for adolescents and adults. Payment plans. (M, P) Memorial Hermann Crisis Clinics 4850 Belfort Houston TX 77035 (713) 338-MHCC (6422)

Multiple locations. Emergency medication administration. Short-term prescriptions. Connecting patient to a more permanent medical home and outpatient psychiatric treatment. Brief crisis counseling. Safety planning. Evening/weekends also. (M, P, U) Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) 2627 Caroline Houston, TX 77004 (713) 970-7520 Provides emergency and urgent crisis outreach. Follow up evaluating person who cannot not access traditional psychiatric emergency room care. Willing patients and parent are transported to Neuropsychiatric Center for assessment and referral to inpatient/outpatient services. Brief treatment, medication and case management services until established care. (M, P, U) Neuro Psychiatric Center (NPC) 1502 Taub Loop, Houston TX 77030 (713) 970-4600

Public mental health emergency program of Harris County for evaluation with mental health emergencies. For stabilization and referring to appropriate services for treatment. (M, P, U)

Sun Behavioral Houston 7601 Fannin St. Houston, TX 77054 (713) 796-2273

Provides free evaluation to determine appropriate level of care. If hospitalization is required, the patient and his or her family will work with a multi-disciplinary team. Charity cases available occasionally. (M, P)

TRIAD Prevention Program 6300 Chimney Rock, Houston TX (713) 295-2600

Crisis intervention, referrals to assist families, comprehensive assessments, screening for placement in the Kinder Emergency Shelter (ages 12-18) for youth living with family. Free Intake Diversion, CRCG, Parent/Teen Survival, Parenting Love and Limits, CYD, JP Court Wrap, JP court Liaison, TRIAD Mental Health. Contact Intake 24 hours a day. (M, P, U)

West Oaks Hospital 6500 Hornwood Dr. Houston TX 77074 (713) 995-0909

Provides psychiatric care and substance abuse treatment for children, adolescents and adults. OUTPATIENT: The Excel Centers 111 East Edgewood Friendswood, TX 77546 281-648-1200. Intensive Outpatient, Adults and Teens, Partial Hospital Programs and Substance abuse and Chemical Dependency. (M, P, U)


Crisis hotline number 713-970-7000



Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities 2700 Bay Area Blvd Houston, TX 77058 (281) 283-3452

Clinic and Home Services (thru MHMRA Project ABA-Skip). Autism Assessment Services, Severe Behavior Disorders Research Clinic, Couples Counseling, Verbal Behavior Clinic, Speaker Series for parents and professionals. Sliding Scale only (M, P, U)

Premier Psychological Services 3730 Kirby Dr. Suite 800 Houston, TX 77089 (713) 521-7575

ADD/ADHD Testing, Psychological testing, Neuropsychology, and Child/ Adolescent Family Counseling (M, P)

Texas Children’s Behavioral and Developmental Referral Center

6701 Fannin St. CC1630.00 Houston, TX 77030 (832) 822-822-1900

Evaluation and medication management for Developmental Pediatrics, Autism, Psychiatry, and Psychology Service. (M, P, U)

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD (formerly known as MHMRA)

9401 SW Freeway Houston TX 77074 (713) 970-7070

Intellectual Disability Determination and services for Intellectual disabilities and Autism. Programs include Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), transition services, Medicaid Waiver list (HCS) of yearly services (8-11 year waiting list)-enroll early. ABA-Skip (Autism), IDD Consultation and Liaison Team, Respite care, Specialized Therapies and Rehabilitative Services and others. (M, P, U)