School Supply List

Thompson Intermediate School Supply List

$30 Usage fee for tablets.
School supplies should be replaced as necessary throughout the school year.
On the first day of school, teachers may ask for additional items specific to their class.

Supplies students should have at all times:
Blue or Black Ball Point Pen
Red Pen
No. 2 Pencils
Map Pencils (Minimum 12)
Markers (Minimum 8)
Zipper Pouch
Wide ruled notebook paper
2” Binder with dividers
2 glue sticks
Hand held pencil sharpener
4-5 Composition Notebooks (1 per core subject)
Ear buds 

Supplies specific to subject: (all of the above listed supplies, as well as items below)

7th Math
2 subject spiral notebook
Pocket folder 

7th PreAP Math/8th Algebra
1/4 inch graph paper
Pocket folder

Supplies specific to the Connect Program: (all of the above listed supplies – except composition notebooks, as well as items below)
Dry erase markers
Fine tip markers
Graph and notebook paper
5 Subject spiral notebook
5 folders w/pockets and brads
Index cards (3 x 5)
Mouse (used daily)